Alphabet joins the $1 trillion club

January 22, 2020

Google’s parent Alphabet joined the trillion-dollar club last week, the fourth U.S. company to break through that number joining Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.

Apple became the inaugural  US $1 trillion tech sector member in August 2018, followed in September 2018 by Amazon.  However Amazon has since lost some of its value because of investments in 1-day and grocery delivery and content for its streaming platform Amazon Prime Video. Its market capitalization stood at around $945 billion this week.

Alphabet’s ascent has been fueled by strong expectations for its advertising sales, a series of acquisitions including YouTube and expansion into fledgling markets such as cloud computing and self-driving cars.

An article in The London Guardian noted that $2 trillion valuations may not be that far away.  At current prices, Alphabet’s value is greater than the entire economic output of the Netherlands, the world’s 17th largest economy.

Alphabet, Apple and Microsoft  are key components of the Harvest Brand Leaders Plus Income ETF (TSX: HBF, HBF.U) and the Harvest Tech Achievers Growth & Income ETF (TSX:HTA, HTA.U).

They fit with the Harvest philosophy of conservative growth and income by investing in dominant global companies with diversified established businesses. In any market and language and currency, the products resonate with buyers creating lasting economic value.

 The Harvest Tech Achievers Growth & Income ETF is an actively managed portfolio of 20 global technology leaders with an average market capitalization of CAD $404 billion. The ETF’s portfolio holdings had an average dividend yield of 1.18% and a current distribution yield of 6.15% as of Dec. 31, 2019.

The top holdings by sector are Semiconductors and Equipment (30%), I Software (29%), T Services (20%), Interactive Media (10%) and Hardware and Communications Equipment (10%).

The Harvest Brand Leaders Plus Income ETF (TSX: HBF, HBF.U) held 20 global brand leaders as of Dec. 31, 2019 . The ETF’s portfolio holdings had an average dividend yield of 1.87% and a current distribution yield of 6.60%.  The  average market capitalization was CAD $444 billion.

The top holdings by sector are Information Technology (30%), Financials (15%), Consumer Discretionary (15%), Communications (10%), Industrials (9%), Consumer Staples (9%) and Energy (5%) and Healthcare (5%).

For more on Harvest ETFs click here.

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