1. Group announces collaboration to establish a blockchain-based ecosystem for the healthcare industry (selected participants)
  2. Japanese businesses test blockchain to trade renewable energy ; Siemens Invests in Blockchain & Microgrid Strategy , BP, Shell Launch Blockchain Oil Trading Platform , First derivative traded on Blockchain
  3. EY launches the world’s first secure private transactions over the Ethereum public blockchain
  4. AXA launches smart contract on Ethereum
  5. Allianz testing a token to move money between its global affiliates eliminating currency conversions, costs and inefficiencies
  6. Smart VIN to eliminate odometer fraud. From Ferrari, Porsche to Ford – 7 Car companies exploring Blockchain uses  
  7. UK exploring using blockchain in land registry , Swiss Municipality Test Blockchain Voting & Canada expanding its Blockchain experiment
  8. DeBeers tracks diamonds from mine to retail on blockchain Mastercard, Amazon and Accenture Partner To Establish Transparent Blockchain Supply Chain
  9. From Frequent Flyer Programs, aircraft maintenance and flight safety – Aviation industry set to leverage Blockchain
  10. Strategic Synaptic Health Alliance Formed
  11. DocuSign to offer a built-in integration with the Ethereum blockchain – verifying identity
  12. Xunlei pushes ThunderChain, promise of more open-source projects & blockchain infrastructure capable of processing more than one million transactions per second
  13. Business Decision of the Year: Maersk and IBM team up to form TradeLens
  14. Blockchain test traces Nestlé baby food ingredientsThe World’s Largest Brewer Is Using Ethereum to Track Ad Data
  15. Launch of tZERO’s Landmark Digital Securities Trading Platform
  16. Blockchain supply chain to deal with new regulations:  MediLedger Project

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