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3 Ways to Recession-Proof Your RRIF

If rising inflation and interest rates have put a dent in your retirement savings, consider these investment strategies to get back on track.

A high income RRIF strategy

Learn how Harvest Equity Income ETFs can help meet your retirement needs with consistent cashflow from portfolios of leading businesses

Explaining RRIF calculations

Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) payments are calculated based on either your age or the age of your spouse or common-law partner.

HHL Harvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF
HBF Harvest Brand Leaders Plus Income ETF
HTA Harvest Tech Achievers Growth & Income ETF
HUTL Harvest Equal Weight Global Utilities Income ETF
HGR Harvest Global REIT Leaders Income ETF
HPF Harvest Energy Leaders Plus Income ETF
HUBL Harvest US Bank Leaders Income ETF
HLIF Harvest Canadian Equity Income Leaders ETF
TRVI Harvest Travel & Leisure Income ETF
HRIF Harvest Diversified Equity Income ETF
HHLE Harvest Healthcare Leaders Enhanced Income ETF
HBFE Harvest Brand Leaders Enhanced Income ETF
HTAE Harvest Tech Achievers Enhanced Income ETF
HUTE Harvest Equal Weight Global Utilities Enhanced Income ETF
HLFE Harvest Canadian Equity Enhanced Income Leaders ETF
HDIF Harvest Diversified Monthly Income ETF
HGGG Harvest Global Gold Giants Index ETF
HBLK Blockchain Technologies ETF
TRVL Harvest Travel & Leisure Index ETF
HCLN Harvest Clean Energy ETF