FUND PROFILE HARVEST HEALTHCARE LEADERS INCOME ETF (HHL.TO) The Harvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF invests in an equally weighted portfolio of 20 large-cap healthcare issuers that trade on a North American exchange and have listed options. The Fund uses a quantitative screening process for security selection and an active and flexible covered-call strategy to generate additional income. There are two classes of the ETF that trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange: HHL.TO is priced in Canadian dollars and hedges the portfolio’s non-Canadian currency exposure, while HHL_u.TO trades in U.S. dollars and is not currency-hedged. Performance as of: March 31, 2019
  • 1 month: 5.4% fund, 1.7% index
  • 1 year: 6.9% fund, 12.2% index
  • 3 years: 7.0% fund, 10.9% index
INDEX: MSCI World Healthcare Net Total Return USD Index. Returns are based on reinvested dividends, net of fees and annualized. TOP 5 HOLDINGS:
  1. Stryker: 6%
  2. Johnson & Johnson: 5.6%
  3. Allergan: 5.6%
  4. GlaxosmithKline: 5.4%
  5. Sanofi: 5.4%