Harvest US Investment Grade Bond Plus ETF

Historical Distributions


Record DateDistributions

March 31, 2020

Security %
Standard Chartered PLC 4.64 04/01/2031 3.2
Cash and other assets and liabilities 2.3
Commonwealth Edison Co 3.70 03/01/2045 1.6
Bank of America Corp 3.50 05/17/2022 1.6
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc 2.78 07/12/2022 1.6
CenterPoint Energy Inc 3.60 11/01/2021 1.6
Teva Pharmaceutical Finance Netherlands III BV 3.15 10/01/2026 1.5
Prudential Financial Inc 4.50 11/16/2021 1.5
Boeing Co/The 3.90 05/01/2049 1.4
Biogen Inc 5.20 09/15/2045 1.3
John Deere Capital Corp 2.60 03/07/2024 1.3
Verizon Communications Inc 5.25 03/16/2037 1.3
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc 3.00 04/15/2023 1.3
Principal Financial Group Inc 3.30 09/15/2022 1.3
Anthem Inc 2.38 01/15/2025 1.2
New York Life Insurance Co 4.45 05/15/2069 1.2
Shell International Finance BV 6.38 12/15/2038 1.2
Iberdrola International BV 6.75 07/15/2036 1.2
Plains All American Pipeline LP / PAA Finance Corp 5.00 02/01/2021 1.2
Anheuser-Busch InBev Finance Inc 4.90 02/01/2046 1.2
Morgan Stanley 4.10 05/22/2023 1.2
NextEra Energy Capital Holdings Inc 3.55 05/01/2027 1.2
Duke Realty LP 3.75 12/01/2024 1.2
Amphenol Corp 3.13 09/15/2021 1.2
Broadcom Inc 4.25 04/15/2026 1.2



Date Symbol NAV $ NAV $ Change MKT $ MKT $ Change Distribution Total $

(Since Inception)


Fund Quick Facts

March 31, 2020

Cusip 41755K106
Net AUM $9 million
Currency Hedged
Management Fee 0.48%
Total Holdings 124
Income Distribution Monthly
Recent Distribution $0.0540
Distribution Method Cash
Risk Rating Low

Top Ten Portfolio Holdings

Security %
Standard Chartered PLC 4.64% 04/01/2031 3.2
Cash and other assets and liabilities 2.3
Commonwealth Edison Company 3.70% 03/01/2045 1.6
Bank of America Corporation 3.50% 05/17/2022 1.6
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc. 2.78% 07/12/2022 1.6
CenterPoint Energy, Inc. 3.60% 11/01/2021 1.6
Teva Pharmaceutical Finance Netherlands III BV 3.15% 10/01/2026 1.5
Prudential Financial, Inc. 4.50% 11/16/2021 1.5
The Boeing Company 3.90% 05/01/2049 1.4
Biogen Inc. 5.20% 09/15/2045 1.3

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Fund Overview

The Harvest US Investment Grade Bond Plus ETF provides investors with a core fixed income product that is sub-advised by a dominant global fixed income portfolio manager, Amundi Pioneer. This ETF is actively managed by US Investment Grade Credit specialists with a global ESG screening process in place. HUIB provides access to a highly diversified fixed income portfolio designed to pay monthly distributions with low volatility and the opportunity for capital appreciation. Focus is on credit analysis with a BBB+ average portfolio rating.

Investor Suitability

Investors seeking monthly cash distributions, low volatility, ESG screening and capital appreciation opportunity in a fixed income ETF.

Medium to long term holding.

Sub-advisor Portfolio Management

Jonathan M. Duensing, CFA
Managing Director
Director of Investment Grade Corporates
Portfolio Manager
Brad Komenda, CFA
Senior Vice President
Portfolio Manager
Scott Barnard, CFA
Vice President
Associate Portfolio Manager
Jonathan Scott, CFA
Vice President
Portfolio Manager

Cumulative Growth $10,000 Invested

 (NAV pricing)

Harvest US Investment Grade Bond Plus ETF

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