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Harvest ETFs Offer Sound Strategies for Generating Retirement Income

February 24, 2020

Plan for a longer retirement

We’re living longer, healthier lives, which means we need to rethink the way we plan and save for retirement. Instead of accumulating assets, it’s all about preserving what you have and finding ways to generate a monthly income.

Harvest Portfolios Group Inc. can help

The key is adapting your approach and finding products that provide yield without going too far out on the risk spectrum. Harvest focuses on income and growth, so we can help you maintain a dependable income stream, seek stable rates of return, and convert your savings into a retirement income.

Harvest invests in dominant, global companies like The Walt Disney Company, Apple, and Nike that have a long history of success and innovation, and a commitment to dividend growth. Their potential for stable growth, even during times of economic downturn, translates into a reliable source of income for you—something that’s incredibly important when you’re retired or soon to be retired.

Your goal is to live well. Contact your financial advisor for more information on how Harvest’s easy to understand income and growth-oriented ETF portfolios can help you do just that.

Source: Zoomer E-blast Content at Feb 24, 2020

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