Message from the CEO – Blockchain Technologies ETF (TSX: HBLK)

July 29, 2020


There has been a lot of news in many of the HBLK holdings this week. The most prominent being Eastman Kodak which has seen its shares soar on the US Govt news of receiving a $750 million loan for the development of specialized ingredients for drug production.


Bitcoin has risen over 22% which directly affects miners in the space. We have also seen big moves in the shares of other HBLK holdings like Docusign (+165% ytd), Galaxy (+142% ytd),  Overstock (+760% ytd), Infosys (+30% ytd) and SAP (+24% ytd)  not to mention the overall market leadership in Large Cap Tech which makes up over 40% of the fund.


We were very clear when we launched the fund that the sector is developing and will be volatile, but Blockchain will continue to be the growing force behind online digital security and transactions going forward.


As time goes on the portfolio will develop and the constituents will increase in quality.



Michael Kovacs


Harvest Portfolios Inc, CEO & President


*ytd returns as of July 29th, 2020

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