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We’re living longer, healthier lives, which means we need to rethink the way we plan and save for our retirement so we can enjoy a comfortable way of life. When you are working, it’s all about accumulating assets. When you retire, the goal shifts to preserving what you have and finding ways to generate monthly income to live on.

The key is adapting your approach and finding products that provide yield without going too far out of the risk spectrum.

Maintaining an Income Stream

Harvest invests in companies that have a long history of success, a strong cash flow, strong balance sheets, and a commitment to dividend growthWe couple that with a covered call strategy that generates additional income and help reduce risk.

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Seeking Stable Rates of Return

Harvest uses several strategies to help lower risk in a portfolio; we own quality names; based on a stringent screening process, reduce stock specific risk by diversifying across 20 or more equally weighted positions, monitor and rebalance portfolios, work with sector specialists and portfolio managers, hedge currency risk and use call options to help control volatility while enhancing yield.

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Converting Savings to Retirement Income

A RRIF represents a way to earn steady income in retirement. A RRIF can only be funded by the transfer of investments inside your RRSP. Like an RRSP, RRIF income is tax sheltered inside your RRIF account, but all withdrawals are taxable. You are required to withdraw a prescribed percentage of the market value of your RRIF at the beginning of each calendar year, based on your age.  A Harvest “income” ETF can help contribute to your withdrawal requirement.

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Retirement Income Solutions

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Featured Monthly Income Portfolios

Global brands have unique qualities that endure over time. They inspire loyalty and encourage repeat business by offering a consistent product that is recognizable in any language and market where it is sold.

The healthcare sector boasts important potential growth drivers: demographic tailwinds as populations age and life expectancy increases, the pace of technological and scientific advances, the expanding affluent middle class in the emerging markets and the diversified universe of healthcare companies.

Utilities are companies that offer essential services such as water, natural gas, sewer services and electricity – that we consume on a daily basis, and therefore, have relatively steady levels of demand. As a result, utility stocks can provide a steady source of income.

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Commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with investing in HARVEST Exchange Traded Funds (managed by Harvest Portfolios Group Inc.). The indicated rates of return are the historical annual compounded total returns including changes in unit value and reinvestment of all distributions and do not take into account income taxes payable by any securityholder that would have reduced returns. Please read the relevant prospectus before investing. The funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Tax, investment and all other decisions should be made with guidance from a qualified professional. Certain statements included in this communication constitute forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, those identified by the expressions “expect”, “intend”, “will” and similar expressions to the extent they relate to the Investment Fund. The forward-looking statements are not historical facts but reflect the Fund’s, Harvest and the Manager of the Fund’s current expectations regarding future results or events. These forward looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from current expectations. Although the Fund, Harvest and the Manager of the Fund believes that the assumptions inherent in the forward-looking statements are reasonable, forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and, accordingly, readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such statements due to the inherent uncertainty therein. The Fund, Harvest and the Manager of the Fund undertakes no obligation to update publicly or otherwise revise any forward-looking statement or information whether as a result of new information, future events or other such factors which affect this information, except as required by law.

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