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Harvest Announces Portfolio Holdings Update for Blockchain Technologies ETF

May 20, 2021

OAKVILLE, ON, May 20, 2021 /CNW/ – Harvest Portfolios Group Inc., manager of the Blockchain Technologies ETF (“HBLK”), is pleased to announce a portfolio holdings update following the most recent quarterly reconstitution.  HBLK tracks the Harvest Blockchain Technologies Index (“the Index”), a cross section of dedicated blockchain and large capitalization technology companies that are engaged in blockchain technologies.   Over time, as the universe of dedicated blockchain companies grows, the Index will have progressively higher weightings towards that segment at pre-defined stages.

“Now just more than three years since the launch of Canada’s first Blockchain ETF, we are delighted to see that this quarter the Index moved into stage 3, representing a 75% weighting towards dedicated blockchain companies across 37 North American listed securities and 25% allocated  towards 10 large capitalization technology companies,”  commented Michael Kovacs, President & CEO of Harvest Portfolios Group Inc., “The global adoption of Blockchain continues to gather momentum and HBLK is positioned to progressively benefit from that growth.”

HBLK portfolio holdings are rebalanced and reconstituted quarterly.  The updated portfolio constituents have been posted to the Harvest Portfolios Group Inc. website.

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