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Harvest Diversified Monthly Income ETF
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Income and Growth Focused ETFs

At Harvest, our guiding principles are premised on building wealth for our clients through ownership of strong businesses that have the potential to grow & generate steady income over time.

What's New

Our Investment Strategies

Equity Income ETFs

Harvest Equity Income ETF portfolios are invested in companies that are well-established, with strong balance sheets and consistent earnings growth. Once we select the best suited for the portfolio, we generate steady income by collecting dividends and by selling call options on a portion of the portfolio. This strategy provides the ability to pay attractive monthly distributions for our investors.

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Equity Growth Focused ETFs

Equity Growth Focused ETFs are invested in companies of growth industries or mega-trends. We position the portfolio across businesses that we have identified with the greatest potential or an Index that will provide growth opportunities for the specific industry or mega-trend.
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