Balanced Income ETFs

Investment Philosophy

Harvest Balanced Income ETF portfolios are invested in exchange-traded funds that are listed on a recognized North American stock exchange. These ETFS provide exposure towards large capitalization equity securities, investment grade bonds, or money market instruments issued by corporations or governments. These will include ETFS that engage in covered call strategies.


Large-Cap Equity Security ETFs

Quality businesses and long-term growth. Harvest Equity Income ETFs are invested in companies that are well-established, with strong balance sheets and consistent earnings growth.

Investment Grade Bond/Money Market ETFs

Investment grade fixed income. Harvest Fixed Income ETFs offer investors exposure to investment grade fixed income by investing in a portfolio of US Treasury ETFs overlayed with a covered call option strategy, and by investing directly in short-term Government of Canada treasury bills.

Consistent Income (via covered calls)

We deliver income. To provide attractive monthly cashflows, we use a covered call option strategy to enhance the natural dividend yield of a portfolio.

Investment Process

Blending Tradition & Innovation
Traditional 60/40 Asset Allocation + Harvest Covered Call Strategy = The Smart Balance

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