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Harvest ETFs partners with CE Corner to offer courses to enlighten and challenge you, while helping you meet your professional obligations. You’ll find courses accredited by IIROCFP CanadaIAFERIBO and more. It’s all the accreditation you need in one place.

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Timing the Turn in Utilities

December 5, 2023

Often considered defensive in nature during slowing economic environments, utilities stocks have come under significant pressure with the rise in interest rates and longer dated yields. Please join us as we assess recent history, opportunities and risks within the evolving telecom and utilities sectors across developed markets. Gain insights from Mike Dragosits, CFA, Portfolio Manager, who will share his analysis of the potential catalysts, risks and potential timing expectations based on a historical sectoral review.

  • The Global Utility Sector Landscape from a Canadians perspective
  • Picking the peak in shorter term rates
  • Soft landing or recession – implications and expectations for utilities
  • Covered-calls for income
  • The competitive landscape – selecting the strategies to fit expectations

Accreditation Details

Accreditation body Competency Credits
IIROC Cycle 9 Professional Development 0.50
CIRO Cycle 10 Professional Development 0.50
Type Passing Grade
Video 5-7 (71%)

Generating Income with Covered Call ETFs

October 3, 2023

Amid market volatility, covered call ETFs can provide investors with consistent, tax-efficient monthly income. Further, a covered call option strategy that’s active and flexible may allow investors to capture more upside opportunities in certain market conditions while meeting income needs. To help financial advisors understand these ETFs better, the portfolio team at Harvest ETFs put together this informative e-book outlining how the funds work, their rewards and risks, and the type of clients that may benefit from them. (Content includes text plus links to videos and a podcast.) After taking this course, advisors will understand:
  • what a covered call ETF is and its benefits (20%)
  • how a covered call ETF generates income in different markets (20%)
  • components of a call writing strategy (40%)
  • factors to consider before investing in a covered call ETF (20%)

Accreditation Details

Accreditation body Competency Credits
IIROC Cycle 9 Professional Development 0.75
MFDA Professional Development 0.75
Business Conduct – Non-Ethical
Type Passing Grade
PDF 7/10 (70%)