Equity Income ETFs

Investment Philosophy

Harvest Equity Income ETF portfolios are invested in companies that are well-established, with strong balance sheets and consistent earnings growth. We generate steady income by collecting dividends and by selling call options to generate a premium on a portion of the portfolio. This strategy provides the ability to pay attractive, tax-efficient, monthly distributions for our investors.

Growth Industries

We are invested in long-term growth. Harvest ETFs are invested in industries or secular Mega-Trends that have long-term growth potential. These areas have structural tailwinds and go beyond specific sectors. Our ETFs own the companies we believe are best suited to participate in this growth potential.

Quality Businesses

We own quality businesses. We use quantitative models to select leading companies with a long history of success. Companies that dominate their industries, innovate, lead, and have brand equity measured by a long record of strong financial performance.

Consistent Income

We deliver income. To provide attractive monthly cashflows, we use a covered call option strategy to enhance the natural dividend yield of a portfolio. Using proprietary models, the investment management team will sell options on a portion of positions in the portfolio in order to generate steady, tax-efficient income. This can also reduce some of the volatility associated with equity investing.

Investment Process

Investment Universe

Research of investable universe, focusing on long-term growth themes.

Quantitative Screen

Macro-quant screens of large-cap equities to develop shortlist.

Fundamental Financials

Diversified portfolio of securities chosen on value, quality, and growth metrics.

Active Decisions

Daily monitoring and periodic rebalancing/reconstitution. Active covered call strategy used.

An Established Process

The active covered call option strategy employed at Harvest stands as an established approach for generating monthly cash flow, backed by a proven track record. Our Covered Call ETFs consistently distribute income monthly. The Investment Management Team, with decades of combined investment management experience, effectively implements and executes this strategy.

Equity Growth Focused ETFs

The underlying philosophy of Harvest is consistent across all our products. Ownership of Equities for long term growth. For our Equity Growth ETFs, we first identify a growth Industry or theme and then position across what we feel are the most relevant businesses that have great growth potential or we identify an Index that will provide the growth opportunities for the specific area.