Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Strategies

Equity Income ETFs

Harvest Equity Income ETF portfolios are invested in companies that are well-established, with strong balance sheets and consistent earnings growth. We generate steady income by collecting dividends and by selling call options to generate a premium on a portion of the portfolio. This strategy provides the ability to pay attractive, tax-efficient, monthly distributions for our investors.

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Fixed Income ETFs

Harvest ETFs now offers three separate fixed income ETFs that cover the entire maturity spectrum from exposure to treasury bonds and bills issued and backed by the full faith and credit of the US and Canada governments, respectively. Our intermediate and long duration ETFs invest in US treasury ETFs and write covered calls on up to 100% of their holdings to generate high income. On the short end, our money market ETF is a low-risk vehicle that invests directly in Canadian treasury bills and pays the accrued interest monthly.

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Balanced Income ETFs

Harvest Balanced Income ETF portfolios are invested in exchange traded funds that are listed on a recognized North American stock exchange that provide exposure towards large capitalization equity securities, investment grade bonds, or money market instruments issued by corporations or governments, and will include exchange traded funds that engage in covered call strategies.

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Enhanced Equity Income ETFs

Harvest Enhanced Equity Income ETF portfolios offer leveraged exposure to select Harvest Equity Income ETFs. Through the application of approximately 25% leverage, these ETFs deliver high monthly cashflows. They have an elevated risk-return profile, but also offer heightened access to market growth opportunity.

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Equity Growth Focused ETFs

Harvest Equity Growth Focused ETFs are designed to capture growth industries or Mega-Trends. These portfolios invest in the businesses that we have identified with the greatest potential for growth or an index that will provide growth opportunities from the industry or Mega-Trend.

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