Covered Call Option ETFs

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Harvest ETFs is a market leader in call option ETFs. These Covered Call ETFs generate cashflows for unitholders from a portfolio of securities with a covered call option writing strategy. Harvest launched its first ETFs in 2016 and has established itself as one of the top option writing firms in Canada. We use an active and flexible call option strategy to build high yield ETFs that pay monthly distributions and still capture the opportunity for market growth. Watch this helpful explainer to learn more.


Total distributions paid by Harvest Income ETFs since ETF inception October 2016 to April 2024

An Active and Flexible Covered Call Strategy

An active and flexible covered call strategy

At Harvest ETFs we use an Active & Flexible Covered Call Option Writing Strategy. But what is a call option, and how does an active and flexible call option strategy work?

To learn what a call option is read our interactive guide here.

A key dynamic of call option ETFs is a trade-off between income generation and the portfolio’s exposure to market growth opportunity. Writing options on a higher percentage of the portfolio means it is less exposed to market growth.

Many passively managed call option ETFs write options on the same percentage of their holdings every month.

Harvest ETFs follow an actively managed strategy that provides portfolio managers with flexibility regarding selling call options. In our equity income-based ETFs, we cap call option sales at 33% of holdings, whereas, for our fixed income ETF, we can utilize the full 100% limit rate. Meanwhile, for our balanced income ETFs, we write covered calls on up to 75% of the portfolio.

This flexibility allows us to capitalize on higher options premiums during specific market conditions by selling call options on a smaller portion of an ETF’s holdings. In our equity income-based ETFs, this approach retains a larger share of the ETF’s holdings for potential market growth compared to a systematic passively managed covered call ETFs.

In the case of our fixed income ETFs, implementing a covered call options strategy at the 100% write level enables us to generate higher premiums and, consequently, higher income. Simultaneously, it serves to reduce the volatility of the underlying portfolio consisting of US Treasury ETFs.

The active covered call option strategy employed at Harvest stands as an established approach for generating monthly cash flow, backed by a proven track record. Our Covered Call ETFs consistently distribute income monthly. The investment team at Harvest ETFs with over 6 decades of combined investment management experience is at the core, and through rigorous analyses effectively implements and executes this strategy.

Large-cap Companies

Equity Income ETFs

Harvest’s Equity Income ETFs focus on large-cap companies, the leaders of their industries

Fixed Income ETFs

Harvest fixed income ETFs invest in intermediate to long-duration US Treasury bonds and short-term treasury bills (T-Bills) of the Government of Canada, which are among the safest investments available

Balanced Income ETFs

Harvest’s Balanced Income ETFs offer exposure to our Equity Income ETFs and Fixed Income ETFs, providing balance and high monthly income

High Income

High Income

The monthly income paid by these ETFs is high – often higher than the rate of inflation

Tax Advantage

Tax Advantage

Income generated with covered call options is taxed as capital gains – a lower rate than typical income

RRIF Eligible

RRSP Eligible

Harvest Equity Income ETFs can be held in registered accounts which can be tax efficient as investors save

Why Use Call Option ETF for Income Now?

Markets shift up and down every day but call option ETFs give investors the surety of consistent monthly income. An active and flexible covered call option strategy will also allow investors to capture more upside opportunity in certain market conditions while meeting their income needs.

Example of Harvest ETFs & Their Yields

HDIF | Harvest Diversified Monthly Income ETF


Updated Daily
HTAE | Harvest Tech Achievers Enhanced Income ETF


Updated Daily
HHL | Harvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF


Updated Daily

Call Option ETF Insights


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