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Simplify Retirement Planning with Income

Retirement planning in Canada is increasingly complex. The end of private pensions has created a $1.5 trillion shortfall in retirement income, according to the National Institute on Ageing[1]. RRSP savings have been used to bridge the gap in retirement plans, but stretching a finite amount of savings into retirement income for life is a complex prospect.

Comprehending the Complexity of Retirement in Canada

Over 5,000 Canadians retire every week[2]

90% of private sector employees don’t have a traditional pension plan[1]

One in five Canadians retiring at 65 will live past 95[1]

Number of Canadians Aged
65 and older 1980-2018

Source: Statistics Canada

Average Life Expectancy at
65 years old 1980-2018

Source: Statistics Canada

More Canadians are older. Older Canadians are living longer. Canadians need a way to stretch their savings into retirement income for life.

ETFs for Steady Retirement Income

Harvest Equity Income ETFs are built to deliver consistent monthly retirement income bridging the retirement income gap. They use a call option strategy to generate income from a portfolio of stocks or fixed income securities. They can be held in RRSP and RRIF accounts and the income they pay can offset mandatory RRIF withdrawals. They pay high income yields and fill a need for retirement income not fully met by bonds, GICs and government benefits like CPP. These are simple, consistent, high-yield solutions for retirement income.

Here’s how we make it simple

Harvest Equity Income ETF portfolios are invested in companies that are well-established, with strong balance sheets and consistent earnings growth. We generate steady income by collecting dividends and by selling call options to generate a premium on a portion of the portfolio. This strategy provides the ability to pay attractive, tax-efficient, monthly distributions for our investors.

Large-cap Companies

Large-cap Companies

Harvest’s equity income ETFs focus on large-cap companies, the leaders of their industries

Tax Advantage

Tax Advantage

Income generated with covered call options is taxed as capital gains – a lower rate than typical income

High Income

High Income

The monthly income paid by these ETFs are high-often higher than the rate of inflation

RRIF Eligible

RRIF Eligible

Harvest ETFs can be held in a RRIF and the income they pay can offset mandatory RRIF withdrawals

Interested in a Fixed Income ETF with Covered Calls?

Harvest ETFs Strategies for High Income

Equity Income ETFs

Harvest Equity Income ETF portfolios are invested in companies that are well-established, with strong balance sheets and consistent earnings growth. We generate steady income by collecting dividends and by selling call options to generate a premium on a portion of the portfolio. This strategy provides the ability to pay attractive, tax-efficient, monthly distributions for our investors.

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Enhanced Equity Income ETFs

Harvest Enhanced Equity Income ETF portfolios offer leveraged exposure to select Harvest Equity Income ETFs. Through the application of approximately 25% leverage, these ETFs deliver high monthly cashflows. They have an elevated risk-return profile, but also offer heightened access to market growth opportunity.

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Speak to your advisor about how Harvest Equity Income ETFs can help.

Featured Harvest ETFs & Income Yields

Each investor’s goals, risk tolerance, and outlooks are unique. Our suite of Equity Income ETFs can offer retirees and pre-retirees a range of options designed to meet their growth and income needs. Each ETF offers consistent, strong yields and exposure to serious long-term growth trends.

HDIF | Harvest Diversified Monthly Income ETF


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HTAE | Harvest Tech Achievers Enhanced Income ETF


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HBF | Harvest Brand Leaders Plus Income ETF


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[1] MacDonald, B.-J., Sanders, B., Strachan, L., Frazer, M. (2021). Affordable Lifetime Pension Income for a Better Tomorrow. How we can address the $1.5 trillion decumulation disconnect in the Canadian retirement income system with Dynamic Pension pools. Toronto, ON: National Institute on Ageing, Ryerson University and Global Risk Institute.

[2] Statscan, RBC


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