Passive Growth ETFs

Investment Philosophy

Harvest Equity Growth Focused ETFs are designed to capture growth industries or Mega-Trends. These portfolios invest in the businesses that we have identified with the greatest potential for growth or an index that will provide growth opportunities from the industry or Mega-Trend.

Focused Businesses

We own growth focused businesses. Our Equity Growth Focused ETFs track the performance of leading companies that are directly positioned to benefit from the long-term and secular growth dynamics driving their industries.

Targeted Diversity

We target diversification. These ETFs are designed to be diversified and tactically weighted across positions to reduce individual stock specific risks, ensuring participation in long-term growth and capturing the aggregate growth tailwinds behind a Mega-Trend or growth industry.

Index/Rules Based

We follow our rules. Our rules based or Index ETFs are designed to track the Indices of a selected asset class. All our investment products benefit from the same management expertise in terms of constructing the index benchmark and selecting the index provider.

Investment Process

Harvest Equity Growth focused ETF portfolios are invested in companies in growth industries or Mega-Trends. We first identify a growth industry or theme and then position the portfolio across what we feel are the businesses with the greatest potential for growth or identify an Index that will provide the growth opportunities for the specific industry or Mega-Trend.

Equity Income ETFs

The Harvest investment philosophy is premised on investing in high-quality companies, with strong businesses offering steady growth. To provide an attractive income, we use a covered call option strategy to enhance the natural dividend yield of the portfolio and may reduce some of the volatility associated with equity investing. Using proprietary models, the investment management team will assess the various positions in the portfolios and corresponding premiums in order to write the required amount of options to generate the premium income.