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Fixed Income ETFs

Investment Philosophy

Harvest Fixed Income ETF provides investors the opportunity to invest in the US Treasury fixed income market through a portfolio of ETFs, which predominantly hold long-dated US Treasury bonds that are considered to be among the safest fixed income securities as they are backed by the full faith and credit of the US government. To generate additional yield, Harvest employs a covered call option strategy. By combining cash flow from the portfolio of US Treasury ETFs with a covered call option strategy, the fixed income portfolio aims to generate high income for investors.

Investment Process

Portfolio: US Treasury ETFs

US listed Treasury ETFs selected for liquidity, options and long duration.

Active Covered Calls

Using Harvest’s covered call strategy, target a 75% baseline write level and adjusting to market conditions for set distributions.

Ongoing Monitoring

Constantly assess premium capture, early cover chances, and rate-driven upside, while stresstesting distribution for sustainability metrics.

Monthly Income

Tax efficient distributions paid monthly.

An Established Process

The active covered call option strategy employed at Harvest stands as an established approach for generating monthly cash flow, backed by a proven track record. Our Covered Call ETFs consistently distribute income monthly. The Investment Management Team, with decades of combined investment management experience, effectively implements and executes this strategy.

Equity Income ETFs

The Harvest investment philosophy is premised on investing in high-quality companies, with strong businesses offering steady growth. To provide an attractive income, we use a covered call option strategy to enhance the natural dividend yield of the portfolio and may reduce some of the volatility associated with equity investing. Using proprietary models, the investment management team will assess the various positions in the portfolios and corresponding premiums in order to write the required amount of options to generate the premium income.