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Episode 19 | Tech is dead, long live Technology | Harvest Talks

September 28, 2022
long live Technology


Three quarters into a rough year for tech stocks, Harvest ETFs Senior Portfolio Manager James Learmonth joins the Harvest Talks podcast to contextualize the sector’s recent struggles and address the question: are some tech stocks actually value investments?


0:00 – Intro
1:15 – James Learmonth & Historical Context
4:00 – Why were investors drawn to tech for a decade?
6:00 – What happened to tech after the onset of COVID
8:06 – Growth stocks drivers: sentiment vs. fundamentals
10:22 – What’s happened in 2022 so far
12:28 – Can some tech companies be seen as value stocks?
14:20 – What’s the playbook in an uncertain environment for tech?

Hosted by:

James Learmonth, CFA

James Learmonth, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager
Harvest ETFs

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David Kitai

David Kitai

Content Writer & Editor
Harvest ETFs

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