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Episode 20 | Real Estate assets in a rising rate environment | Harvest Talks

October 27, 2022
Real Estate assets in a rising rate environment


Harvest ETFs Portfolio Manager Mike Dragosits joins the podcast to discuss the state of global real estate assets as central banks raise interest rates and the Harvest Global REIT Leaders Income ETF


0:00 Intro
1:28 Snapshot of global real estate before 2022
3:23 Where have most Canadians invested?
4:30 Why HGR takes a global approach
6:40 What happened so far in 2022
8:52 Where have we seen winners?
10:30 What asset classes have been hit hardest?
11:50 What risks are Canadians exposed to?
14:10 What’s the playbook for investors seeking real estate exposure?
19:40 Outro

Hosted by:

Mike Dragosits, CFA

Mike Dragosits, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Harvest ETFs

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David Kitai

David Kitai

Content Writer & Editor
Harvest ETFs

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