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Episode 23 | The more things change – a market outlook for 2023 | Harvest Talks

February 6, 2023
The more things change – a market outlook for 2023


Harvest ETFs CIO and Portfolio Manager Paul MacDonald joins the podcast to give his macro outlook for the markets in 2023.


00:00 – Intro
01:30 – Why volatility has persisted
05:29 – How recessionary fears might play in the market
09:15 – Why the breadth of expectations is so wide
11:10 – Expectations for 2023
14:10 – How active management can give an advantage
16:15 – Summary

Hosted by:

Harvest CIO Paul MacDonald, CFA

Paul MacDonald, CFA

Chief Investment Officer
Harvest ETFs

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David Kitai

David Kitai

Content Writer & Editor
Harvest ETFs

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