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Harvest Announces Listing of 5 Enhanced Equity Income ETFs

October 25, 2022

OAKVILLE, Ontario – (BUSINESS WIRE – French Press Release)Harvest Portfolios Group Inc. (“Harvest”) is pleased to announce the completion of the initial offering of Class A Units of 5 new Enhanced Equity Income ETFs pursuant to a prospectus dated August 30, 2022 filed with the securities regulatory authorities in all of the Canadian provinces and territories. Class A units of the 5 new ETFs will commence trading on the TSX today under the ticker symbols outlined below.

“These ETFs access the same portfolios of leading companies and active & flexible covered call strategies used in their underlying ETFs”

The new Enhanced Equity Income ETFs each give investors access to an existing Harvest equity income ETF with a leverage component of approximately 25%. The addition of leverage enhances the annualized yield from the underlying ETF, and raises both the risk-return profile and the market growth prospects of the ETF.

“Harvest has a strong, established reputation for providing equity income ETFs to Canadian investors,” said Harvest President & CEO Michael Kovacs. “The new Enhanced Equity Income ETFs build on that foundation, giving investors higher monthly income by investing in an established equity income ETF with the addition of modest leverage.”

The ETFs names, tickers, and initial target yields are outlined below.


  Ticker Initial Target Yield Underlying ETF Investment
Harvest Tech Achievers Enhanced Income ETF HTAE 12.8% Harvest Tech Achievers Growth & Income ETF
Harvest Healthcare Leaders Enhanced Income ETF HHLE 11.0% Harvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF
Harvest Equal Weight Global Utilities Enhanced Income ETF HUTE 10.2% Harvest Equal Weight Global Utilities Income ETF
Harvest Brand Leaders Enhanced Income ETF HBFE 9.70% Harvest Brand Leaders Plus Income ETF
Harvest Canadian Equity Enhanced Income Leaders ETF HLFE 9.60% Harvest Canadian Equity Income Leaders ETF

The first monthly distributions from these ETFs will have a record date of November 30, 2022 with a payable date of December 9, 2022.

“These ETFs access the same portfolios of leading companies and active & flexible covered call strategies used in their underlying ETFs,” Kovacs said. “But they come with a higher yield that many Canadian investors are demanding.”

Click here to learn more about the Harvest Enhanced Equity Income ETFs.

Click here to watch a video about the new ETFs.

Investment Objectives

The Harvest Enhanced Equity Income ETFs’ investment objectives are to provide Unitholders with high monthly cash distributions and the opportunity for capital appreciation by investing, on a levered basis, in an underlying Harvest Equity Income exchange traded mutual fund managed by the manager as specified by the prospectus.

The underlying ETFs’ investment objectives are to provide unitholders with (i) the opportunity for capital appreciation; (ii) monthly cash distributions; and (iii) lower overall volatility of portfolio returns than would otherwise be experienced by owning Equity Securities of the specific ETF’s investable universe directly. To achieve lower overall volatility of portfolio returns, the underlying ETFs will generally write covered call options on up to 33% of the portfolio securities. The level of covered call option writing may vary based on market volatility and other factors.

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