Harvest ETFs, sponsor of The MoneyShow Toronto with Keynote Speaker


September 10, 2018


September 10, 2018


September 10, 2018


Harvest ETFs, sponsor of The MoneyShow Toronto with Keynote Speaker, Dr. Nick Bontis, Leading Strategy and Management Expert, University Professor, Author, Media Personality & Harvest Portfolios Director

TORONTO, Sept. 10, 2018 /CNW/ – Harvest Exchange Traded Funds (“Harvest ETFs”, managed by Harvest Portfolios Group Inc.) is pleased to announce that it will be participating at The MoneyShow Toronto, Canada’s largest investor education conference, held on September 14 – 15, 2018 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The keynote speaker line-up will feature Internationally recognized intellectual-capital expert and Harvest Portfolios Director, Dr. Nick Bontis –. Dr. Bontis is also the author of “Information Bombardment: Rising Above the Digital Onslaught”. A dynamic keynote speaker, he will bring real-life applications in a humorous delivery in his presentation on Digital Disruption & Blockchain Technology.

Also, on the main stage, Harvest ETFs resident Blockchain specialist, David Wysocki, Managing Director – will use his knowledge and experience to describe how Blockchain will impact businesses, the economy, and how we live our lives, as well as explain how investing in a unique ETF Index is potentially, the most efficient option.

“We are excited to participate in the 2018 MoneyShow. Our attendance underscores Harvest’s dedication to helping investors understand the current investment landscape and the potential strategies they can consider in this dynamically changing environment”, comments Michael Kovacs, President & CEO.

Harvest Exchange Traded Funds

  • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Nick Bontis – Disruptive Technology: September 14, 2018 – 10:30 am
  • Specialist Speaker, Blockchain: David Wysocki – Building a Blockchain Portfolio: How to Invest Long-Term through a unique Index, September 14, 2018 at 3:15 pm
  • Venue: Metro Convention Center
  • Booth Location: Booth Number #205

Other speakers at the show include top global economists, money managers, and financial commentators. These experts will go beyond headlines to help attendees acquire a complete macro perspective, so they can invest with confidence, with the information they need to outperform the markets in any environment.

  • GENE SIMMONS, International Rock Legend and Co-Founder, KISS
  • GORDON PAPE, Editor, The Income Investor and Internet Wealth Builder
  • ROB CARRICK, Personal Finance Columnist The Globe and Mail
  • TOM SOSNOFF, Founder & Co-CEO tastytrade

The MoneyShow Toronto is free to attend! Visit HarvestPortfolios.TorontoMoneyShow.com or call 1-800-970-4355.

About Harvest Portfolios Group Inc. (www.harvestportfolios.com)


Founded in 2009, Harvest Portfolios Group Inc. is a Canadian Investment Fund Manager which offers a broad suite of exchange traded funds, mutual funds and publicly-listed structured products designed to satisfy the long-term growth and income needs of investors. We pride ourselves in creating trusted investment solutions that meet the expectations of our investors.

About Dr. Nick Bontis:

Leading Strategy and Management Expert

An internationally recognized intellectual-capital expert, Dr. Nick Bontis helps individuals and organizations accelerate performance by working smarter—with the power of knowledge management. His dynamic and engaging presentations empower audiences to maximize performance to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business world.

An award-winning tenured professor of strategy at McMaster University, Dr. Bontis has won more than 12 major teaching awards, and has been recognized as “faculty researcher of the year”; “one of the school’s most popular professors” by Maclean’s magazine; and “one of the top 10 lecturers in Ontario”, by TVO. He is also a 3M National Teaching Fellow, an exclusive honour bestowed only upon the top university professors in Canada considered the Nobel-prize of teaching.

The director of the Institute for Intellectual Capital Research, a leading strategic-management consulting firm, Dr. Bontis’s services have been sought by leading organizations, including the United Nations, Microsoft, Health Canada, Royal Bank, Telus, and IBM.

Dr. Bontis is also the author of Information Bombardment: Rising Above the Digital Onslaught and an associate editor of the Journal of Intellectual Capital.

About David Wysocki

David Wysocki is an industry veteran who started his career as a financial advisor, before joining one of Canada’s leading ETF organizations. As an early adopter, Mr. Wysocki played an integral part in the development and growth of the ETF market in Canada. He has also conducted nationwide educational sessions on the potential impact and applications of blockchain technology, including the various ways one can invest in what is being called the “digital revolution”.

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