Harvest Story

“We believe in long term growth through the ownership of great businesses, while generating a steady income along the way. Our ETFs are simple, transparent and growth- oriented.”

I founded Harvest in 2009, when global markets were still spinning from the Financial crisis and the worst markets in two decades. While the industry was shaken, I was optimistic about the future. I recalled the lessons learned during the Crash of 1987 soon after starting out in the investment business. That and other market experiences gave me the confidence to go forward.

On October 19, 1987 the Dow shed nearly 22% of its value, the biggest one-day percentage loss in history. Soon after the Black Monday panic, I decided to focus on the fundamentals of value and wealth creation. As a follower of “Warren Buffett”, I realized that ‘The Buffett’ way was simple. Buffett bought great companies and held on to them. Over time their share prices rose and they paid dividends. Those twin energizers added up to excellent returns over time. These insights shaped the evolution of the Harvest way. I believe that the best recipe for success is through ownership of leading global players in growing Industries, with steadfast businesses, consistent dividend flows and seeking opportunities for growth. This is the core of the Harvest philosophy.

Ultimately Investment managers are in the reassurance business. “People want to be reassured that they own great quality businesses that will be here in 10 years and 15 years. That’s what we own: quality, quality, quality.”


Michael Kovacs

Founder, President & CEO

Investment Philosophy

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