Canada, Netherlands test paperless digital passport

The Canadian and Dutch governments are working with Accenture and the World Economic Forum on a pilot project that will one day replace your passport with a digital wallet. At some point it means you might be able to leave your passport at home. The Known Traveler...

Facebook and partners launch crypto currency coin

Facebook and 27 partners including Visa and Uber are developing a crypto currency called Libra, a digital token they hope will be used in everything from business transactions to money transfers. Libra is expected to launch in 2020 and will be a blockchain-based coin...

Interest in blockchain soars

With blockchain technology set to transform the way transactions are conducted and recorded globally, a wide range of companies are seeking to tap its game-changing potential.

Blockchain Technologies ETF (“HBLK”)

Blockchain is not Bitcoin, it’s the underlying technology driving crypto currencies and the future exchange of virtually everything of value in an efficient and incorruptible manner

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