Harvest ETF’s: Focused On Long Term Growth

September 25, 2018

Published by Harvest Exchange Traded Funds (managed by Harvest Portfolios Group Inc.) “I’m Michael Kovacs, President and Founder of Harvest Exchange Traded Funds. Harvest is one of the fastest growing businesses in Canada for a number of reasons. Our ETF’s are focused on long term, secular trends that are driving economic growth. We own equities, because the real benefit of equity is that you own part of a business that has the potential to grow and generate steady income over the long term. We own strong businesses that are well positioned within their industries because companies with an established record of stable earnings power have proven that they’re good at what they do. We then go one step further with our call option selling strategy which we applied to enhance income and lower our overall portfolio volatility. At Harvest our goal is to improve the lives of our clients by investing wisely and generating income. That is why we created ETF Portfolios of Leaders. In growth sectors like healthcare, technology, global brands and resources among others, with the end investor in mind. This combined with an experienced team of investment professionals and a disciplined approach to investing, has helped us become a trusted source for income and growth investments that has proven itself across market cycles. Ask your financial adviser about Harvest’s Exchange Traded Funds.” – Michael Kovacs, President & Founder of Harvest Portfolios Group Inc. At Harvest Portfolios Group Inc., manager of Harvest Exchange Traded Funds, our guiding principles are premised on building wealth for our clients through ownership of strong businesses that have the potential to grow & generate steady income over the long term. Clients First We believe investors care about investments they can understand. At Harvest, we provide products built on solid fundamentals to protect & grow investor capital to meet their long-term objectives. Consistent Income & Growth We follow a quantitative & fundamental process to systematically select & manage investment solutions that adhere to our core tenents: to provide consistent steady income and growth. Simplicity & Transparency Harvest believes in providing investors with clear mandates that are easily understood & portfolios that are accessible to all. Know what you own. For more information on Harvest Portfolios, please visit the website harvestportfolios.com. Source: https://www.b-tv.com/harvest-portfolios-ceo-clip-90sec/

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