“We believe in long term growth through the ownership of great businesses, while generating a steady income along the way. Our ETFs are simple, transparent and growth-oriented.”

– Michael Kovacs

Founder, President & CEO

About Harvest ETFs

Businesses create wealth. It’s a fact of modern history that the past two centuries’ massive global improvements in GDP, standards of living, and life expectancy have been powered by private enterprise. That fact sits at the core of Harvest ETFs’ investment philosophy.

At Harvest ETFs, we believe that investors can build and secure wealth by owning high-quality businesses for the long term. Since 2009 we have built investment products to deliver on that philosophy.

Our investment philosophy involves three key steps: finding growth industries or economic mega-trends, identifying the best-positioned businesses to capture that growth opportunity, and, when the sector is suited to delivering income, generating monthly cashflows on holdings of those businesses. Sticking to that formula for success is what has made our ETFs stand out in the Canadian market.


Meet Our Founders

“I believe that the best path for Investment success is through ownership of quality business in growth Industries.”

Michael Kovacs, President & CEO

I founded Harvest in 2009, when global markets were still spinning from the Financial crisis and the worst markets in two decades. While the industry was shaken, I was optimistic about the future. I recalled the lessons learned during the Crash of 1987 soon after starting out in the investment business. That and other market experiences gave me the confidence to go forward.

I learned from experience that quality will always come back and poor investments wont. I decided to focus on the fundamentals of value and wealth creation. As a follower of Warren Buffett, I realized that ‘The Buffett Way’ was simple. Buffett bought great companies and held on to them. Over time their share prices rose, and they paid dividends. Those twin energizers added up to excellent returns over time. These early insights helped shape the evolution of the Harvest way. I believe that the best path for Investment success is through ownership of quality business in growth Industries, with consistent dividend flows and quality management teams. This is the core of the Harvest philosophy.

People invest to grow capital over time and ultimately this is what we seek to do at Harvest. If we can provide growth with steady income in our equity income products and focused growth opportunities in our specialty products, then we are doing our job.

People want to be reassured that they own a great quality portfolio that will be here for years to come and that’s what we do.

– Michael Kovacs

Founder, President & CEO

“We believed then, as we do now, that the best recipe for Harvest’s success is through products that invest in leading global players of growing industries.”

Mary Medeiros, COO & Director

When Michael founded Harvest in 2009, he was looking for a partner to handle the day-to-day side of the business to help turn his strategic vision into a working plan. The decision to launch the company was a bold one, given the economic uncertainty at the time. We wanted to build the company from the ground up, without outside investment, inspired by that vision. There were some challenging times, but we never looked back.

I took on the role of Chief Operating Officer. It has evolved over the past decade to include oversight of administrative and operational functions as well as developing company procedures and plans, overseeing risk and leading the development of company’s infrastructure.

I am proud to say we have built a successful company on a national scale. We believed then, as we do now, that the best recipe for Harvest’s success is through products that invest in leading global players of growing industries.

As Michael has said, we would rather be narrow and deep, than wide and shallow. We want to be known for what we do and do it well. As COO, my job is to turn the ideas and strategies into business realities.

– Mary Medeiros

Co-Founder, COO & Director

Harvest ETFs in the Community

Harvest ETFs in the Community

Harvest ETFs is dedicated to social causes and initiatives that align with our corporate values and investment philosophy.

In 2021 we launched the Harvest Clean Energy ETF, one of Canada’s first ETFs dedicated entirely to clean energy providers. This has given ESG and SRI-minded advisors and investor clients direct access to the global clean energy Mega-Trend.

Through a donation to Evertreen, Harvest is planting 5,000 fruit trees a year in economically and environmentally devastated areas, to help ecosystems recover and create livelihoods for farmers.

Harvest ETFs is dedicated to diversity in hiring and supporting female leadership. In 2021 and 2022 we sponsored the Wealth Professional award for Female Trailblazer of the year.

Harvest has also donated to McMaster and Brock Universities, supporting the education of young, underprivileged people seeking a career in financial services. We are proud supporters of the Kerr Street Mission in Oakville and in 2022 committed to support Ukrainians in need through the Bay Street for Ukraine initiative.

Wealth Professional 2022 Excellence Awardee – ETF Provider of the Year

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