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Episode 8 | Clean investing is on the rise – a closer look at renewable energy powerhouses with Michael Kovacs & Mike Dragosits

September 7, 2021


In the second part of this segment, we look at what opportunities lie ahead for investors interested in clean energy. We will talk a little bit about the companies involved in producing cleaner energy, current sentiment, near term phenomena, and hydrogen stocks as an emerging growth story. What are the multiples and expectations for growth – looking out, what actions in the near term may move the needle: US clean energy policy, COP26 climate change conference, growth runway for energy powerhouses and other emerging sectors like bio-mass, geo-thermal bio-fuels….Where are the investment dollars going? 

Hosted by:

Michael Kovacs

President & Chief Executive Officer
Harvest ETFs

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Mike Dragosits, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Harvest ETFs

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