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Episode 2 | Making sense of Blockchain, in conversation with Michael Kovacs & Kushal Agarwal

August 16, 2021


Learn more about the technology, its fundamentals, implications and opportunities. Who are some of the emerging companies in this space? Apart from Crypto, what applications are in use today – for example in financial services, supply chain and logistics and payments? We discuss IBM, Maersk, Walmart, Epam, Visa, and other companies implementing blockchain technologies today and how it is benefitting them. What about the energy usage? Harvest differentiates the energy usage between private and public blockchains. How fast is the universe of emerging blockchain including companies like Currencyworks and Quisitive Technology Solutions?

Hosted by:

Michael Kovacs

President & Chief Executive Officer
Harvest ETFs

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Kushal Agarwal, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Harvest ETFs

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